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Anonymous asked:

what's your opinion about bullying? i'm doing a research for school and need different opinions. thank you! :)


Okay, I’m literally so done with people that bully other people in real life or on the internet. Like, what’s the point of it? 

Do you feel better after you make someone sad? Do you feel satisfied with your life? Do you think that’s cool? 

Because I think people actually started bullying everyone with everything they say. It’s literally so sick, because society made it look cool. Tumblr is filled with facebook screenshots of people (not gonna name them now, because I think everyone knows who it is) who bully people through facebook comments just to be popular. Like, what the actual fk? 

You don’t understand how that person feels after she or he reads that comment and sees all of the people liking it, so he or she basically thinks everyone agrees with the person who said that. It’s just so mean.

People actually have feelings, and when someone says they don’t, they’re saying it because they don’t want to expose how weak they actually are. And that’s okay, because everyone has their own weaknesses. And it’s perfectly okay to have them.

And those people who bully people in real life, you need to stop right now and revalue your entire life and actually stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself and you’ll see how many imperfections you have too, and that’s not something to make fun about, it’s actually something to appreciate. Because those imperfections are the things that make you look beautiful. 

So, seriously, stop the hate, stop everything that could hurt someone. Because we are here to stay together, not to hate each other. Not to get someone to kill themselves. You never know what might happen. Maybe actually those hate words that came out of your mouth will be the last words that the person heard or read. 

It is not okay to bully people that are different than you in the way they look or based on their personality and every other things that makes them different. 

And you out there if you’re getting bullied, please stay strong and don’t let those words get you. You’re fighting a war with them and defend yourself with your shield against their knifes. You are and you will always be beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

If you’re not feeling good, I’m always here for you, everyone is here for you, just start talking. xx

And you bullies, think about this, and if you ever bullied someone and thought it was fun, I literally have 0 respect for you. 

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